3x5: If You Have Ghosts

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A new call will make the parents and the police change their perception. Detective Hays keeps working and trying to remember as a new piece of information appears. Will they ever see the little girl again?


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

If You Have Ghosts is the fifth episode of True Detective's season 3. We invite you to go over the most important facts and to think about them.

In the 80's, Roland and Wayne go look for Woodard and they end up arriving in the same moment an army of fully armed cops is about to enter the house. At the same time, in the 90's timeline, Wayne and an officer go through the episode again. They arrive to new questions and everything seems more complicated than what they thought.

Meanwhile, there's a major event in the 2000's timeline. After a lot of years without seeing each other, Wayne decides to pay a visit to Roland. How do you think he's going to react? Will he show anger, mercy, envy maybe?

Thanks Agustin for this review!

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